• Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Piercing Aftercare Guide
    Here is a quick aftercare guide. All our aftercare products are designed specifically for the healing of body piercings and confirm with the relevant European legislation. So, you can rest assured that they are of the highest standards.
  • History of Punktured

    History of Punktured
    Our founder Hi, I’m Julie – the owner and founder of Punktured. I am often asked what made me get into piercing. I should be honest and say that it was by complete accident. Before working in piercing, I was a licensee of a pub/club in Brighton’s West Street. Eventually, I fell out of love with the job and decided that I needed a...
  • Buying Jewellery Online Guide

    Buying Jewellery Online Guide
      When it comes to shopping for jewellery online, it is a matter of being thorough and properly educated. You want to be sure that you are choosing the correct pieces not just in terms of design, but also size, material, and even seller. To help you out, we have listed just a few things that are important to consider when shopping online (or...
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