• Shaun by the Sea with Punktured

    Shaun by the Sea with Punktured

    If you’re one for counting sheep, it’s time to follow the herd and flock to Brighton’s latest exciting art installation! We’re taking part in a special event this autumn. Shaun by the Sea is a sculpture trail showcasing local artistic talent in tandem with lots of fantastic local businesses. In conjunction with Aardman Animations, Wild in Art is working to bring the beloved Shaun...
  • Am I suitable for the piercing I want?

    Am I suitable for the piercing I want?

    If you’re already set on which piercing to get next, hold up. At Punktured, we won’t just pierce you and take your money, no questions asked. This is because some piercings may not be suitable for your anatomy. We want your piercing to look good and heal property. In short, we want you to love it and come away from your experience with nothing...
  • Is my piercing infected?

    Is my piercing infected?

    Following the correct aftercare plan for your specific piercing is vital. Sometimes though, life happens, and things go awry. Don’t panic! With the right advice, you can deal with any problems that arise. It could be as simple as changing the jewellery or adjusting your cleaning regime.
  • Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Piercing Aftercare Guide

    Here is a quick aftercare guide. All our aftercare products are designed specifically for the healing of body piercings and confirm with the relevant European legislation. So, you can rest assured that they are of the highest standards.
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