Wearing the correct size of body jewellery is very important. If the size is too small, it will irritate, and if it’s too big, it can catch on clothes.

Here’s our easy guide to sizing your body jewellery.

If you’re looking to change your body piercing jewellery, you will need to know the correct size to order. But don’t worry, it’s very straightforward!

You will need 2 measurements, the gauge and the length/internal diameter. Both measurements should be in millimetres.

The measurements to consider with each piece of jewellery are:

Length / Diameter of the jewellery. (A / B in the diagram above)

What’s the ‘gauge’ of my body jewellery?

If you need to know the gauge of your own jewellery, the easiest way is to ask your piercer. At Punktured, we write it on your aftercare leaflet too.

The gauge of body jewellery is the thickness of the bar or ring. Generally, the smallest gauge is 0.8mm with large gauge jewellery going up to 12mm and beyond. (Navel jewellery and tongue bars are usually 1.6mm gauge.)

How do I measure the length of my barbell or labret?

Measure the space between the balls of your bar; so looking at your barbell, it’s the space from the bottom edge of the top ball to the top edge of the bottom ball/disc. Don’t take the balls off to measure your bar.

If the barbell is curved, measure the space between the balls in a straight line. (Don’t measure the bend in the bar)

How do I measure the size of my BCR or ring?

You are looking for the internal diameter of your ring.  So just measure the space between the inner edges of your ring.  A simple way to do this is to put your ring on a piece of paper and use it to draw a circle on the inside, then measure across is.

What if I order the wrong size of body jewellery?

It’s worth taking the time to properly measure your piercing jewellery, as you cannot return or exchange it if you buy the wrong size.

Often it may be better to directly measure your piercing between both holes using a ruler, although this can sometimes be difficult on your own!

Replacing Your Piercing Jewellery

Please remember to clean your replacement body jewellery before you put it in.  The easiest way to do this in to fill a cup of boiling water, add a little salt (so now you’ve got a saline solution) and pop your jewellery in for a few minutes.  Remember to let it cool down before touching!

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