Body Piercing Price List


Due to the current situation, we are unable to perform any ORAL or FACIAL piercings or jewellery service in these areas.

The excellent service at Punktured includes an initial consultation and advice about piercings, written aftercare instructions are given and follow up appointments arranged. None of this is necessarily required, but is standard at Punktured, thus raising our profile amongst other piercers.

For more information or to make an appointment, call the piercing team on 01273 688144.

Note: I.D. will be required if you appear or act under 16 years old. The only forms of I.D. accepted are passport, citizen card or driving licence.

Piercing Type

Jewellery Types





Ear (any area) Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £20 £35
  Barbell £25 £45
  Scaffolding £35  
Eyebrow Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £23  
  Barbell £28  
Nostril Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £25  
  Stud £25  
  Jewelled Stud £28  
Septum Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £30  
  Keeper £30  
Earl Barbell £30  
Lip Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £30  
  Labret Stud £35  
Lip / Tongue Frenum Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £30  
Madonna Labret Stud £35  
Tongue Barbell £35  
Navel Ball Closure Ring (BCR) £30  
  Bananabell £35  
  Single Jewelled Bananabell £38  
  Double Jewelled Bananabell  £42  
Nipple Ball Closure Ring (BCR). £30 £55
  Barbell £35 £60
Surface Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) / Staple £35  
 Nape Staple £35  
Aftercare Saline Solution £4.50  
Jewellery in gold titanium, black titanium, rose gold titanium and jewelled is also available for an extra £3.