Will it hurt?

Not as much as you'd think! Most piercers claim that it's uncomfortable rather than painful, and then only for a matter of seconds. Everyone has their own individual pain threshold, but the sensation incurred during piercing is nothing that the average person can't handle.

Will it bleed?

Possibly, after all, we are cutting the skin. However, the hole we make will be filled by the jewellery, so bleeding will be minimal. All major veins and arteries are situated deep in the body, and, as we pierce relatively shallow, there's no chance of accidentally piercing any of them.

Some medications can affect blood clotting, e.g. aspirin, warfarin. Please inform us if you take medication.

Drinking alcohol prior to piercing will affect blood clotting. Therefore, we won't pierce you if you've been drinking before your appointment.

How long till my piercing is healed and when can I change the jewellery?

Healing times vary from person to person and we don't consider a piercing fully healed until a 'tube' of surface skin has formed throughout the wound. This can take up to a year depending on the depth and length of the piercing. However, a piercing is usually established enough to be able to change the jewellery at about 4/5 months (2/3 months for tongue, lips and genitals).

Always consult a professional piercer for the first change to be sure the area is ready and for advice on sizing.

What are the age restrictions and will I need I.D.?

We do not pierce children nor young people under 14 years old.

If you're 14 or 15 years old, you can have most piercings but you will need to bring a parent / legal guardian with you to sign a consent form and to be present in the studio throughout the procedure. (A note from your mum will not suffice.) You also need to be pierced by a same-sex piercer so it's best to phone for an appointment to ensure you can book with the correct piercer.

Most piercings (except nipple, nape, genitals and modifications) can be performed on over 16s (with I.D.).

All piercings and modifications can be performed on over 18s (with I.D.).

We are very strict on age limits at Punktured. The only forms of I.D. we accept are provisional / full driving licence, passport and citizen card. 

Do you use anaesthetic?

No. In accordance to 'The Use of Anaesthetic Act', the only anaesthetic we could legally use is not effective, carries many side effects and the piercing would take longer to heal.

Besides, you won't need anaesthetic as the piercing won't be as painful as you'd think!

Why don't you use a piercing gun at Punktured?

The first concern is sterilisation. Piercing guns are usually made of plastic and cannot be sterilised in an autoclave. A quick wipe with a sterile pad will not remove disease-carrying blood. Cross contamination between surfaces and people could occur.

Tissue trauma is another problem. The gun forces a blunt stud to rip through the skin, causing unnecessary scarring. The 'butterfly' back is hard to clean, and it collects dead tissue and bacteria. A piercing needle is hollow and extremely sharp, therefore safely pushing the tissue aside to make room for the jewellery to be inserted.

The placement of the stud is another issue. It's very difficult to aim a gun. Placement of jewellery is often not aesthetically pleasing. Needles are manually pushed through and all angles can be re-checked before piercing to ensure it's where you want it.

Do I need to make an appointment to be pierced?

We do tend to get pretty busy at Punktured, so it's best to book in advance. We'd hate for you to be turned away as we're fully booked. Please phone the shop on 01273 688144 to make an appointment.

Do I need to make any preparations before my appointment?

It's always a good idea to have eaten before a piercing to ensure blood sugar levels are adequate. Do not drink alcohol prior to your piercing as this will prevent blood clotting and we will be unable to pierce you.

You will need to read and sign a consent form before your piercing, please allow time for this and to ask any questions you may have.

I.D. is a must too. We only accept provisional / full driving licence, passport or citizen card. 

What metal do you use?

We pierce with Grade 5 Titanium or P.T.F.E. (tetrafluoride ethylene). Both these materials comply with the 'Nickel Directive 2001' and should be accepted in your body quite easily.

What's migration?

Some piercings may move to a more comfortable setting without being rejected. For example, a navel piercing may be pierced at 12mm but after a few months a 10mm bananabell may be more comfortable. This could be due to factors such as weight gain / loss, clothing rubbing on the site, or just the way the body has accepted the piercing.

This is nothing to worry about, but you may wish to change the size of your jewellery to accommodate the new position of the piercing.

Not to be confused with 'nesting' which happens when a labret stud finds a comfortable position to sit in your lip. It may form a little dent inside your mouth which is known as a 'nest'.

Can you film or take photos?

Unfortunately filming and taking photos is not allowed as it may distract our piercers. We want to ensure your piercing is 100% perfect, which means giving the client our full attention.  

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