Meet Punktured Team

Punktured Team

We’re piercing mad here at Punktured. It’s more than a job to our staff who embrace it as part of their interesting and creative lifestyles. Obviously, as these are people who will be making holes in your body, you want to know that they’re competent and safe in what they do as well as enthusiastic. That’s why we make sure all our staff are highly trained and adhere to the very highest standards of hygiene. Because our piercers are going to get up close and personal with you, we thought you might like to know a bit about them before you meet them (and the rest of our team too).

Our Makers of Holes (and Other Team Members)

Elliot – Manager, Receptionist, and Piercer

This super friendly, multi-talented chap started with us as a receptionist fresh from Uni. He soon became trained to pierce – attending piercing seminars with leading artists amongst other things - but Elliot loves the buzz on reception so was reluctant to leave. He was so good at it that he took over the reigns as manager last summer.

His favourite bit to pierce is the nostrils and when he’s not piercing he loves Madonna, slime and cheerleading.

Shamima – Piercer


She is a piercing veteran who has always been pierced at Punktured. Many moons ago, Shamima was our receptionist but was keen to learn more. Working with Wildcat, Shamima was (along with a colleague) the first piercer to work at 'The London Tattoo Convention’ at the Tobacco Docks for 3 years running.

Another multi-talented member of staff, Shamima has a diploma in anatomy and physiology and is also a qualified chef. Through cheffing Shamima holds numerous H&S certificates so knows all about hygiene and has a healthy interest in sharp objects! If that’s not enough, Shamima is also a qualified gardener and in her spare time coaches the ‘Brighton Rockers’ roller derby team.

Her favourite piercings to perform are surface piercings and philtrums.

Laura – Piercer and Social Media Mogul


Laura trained at Punktured in 2011. She had a short break but missed us so much she returned. She also works part time in a dementia home, so is highly trained in practical customer care. Passionate about interior design, Laura is responsible for making Punktured look fantastic during seasonal times. She also collects taxidermy and loves horror films.

Her favourite piercing to perform is conch.

Emily – Front of House


Emily is our long-standing receptionist. Previous to Punktured, she managed another shop in the North Laine so she’s a friendly familiar face in the area.  She holds a degree in jewellery and silversmithing so is an expert in the metals we use at Punktured. If you are interested in custom pieces, she makes one off commissioned pieces too.

Besides welcoming our clients or making jewellery, she also loves Hello Kitty and Chocodog.

Leanne – Front of House

As our newest team member, we’re impressed at how quickly she’s learned the ropes. She runs a very smooth reception desk and when she isn’t keeping our clients happy, she’s a grease monkey tinkering around with cars.