Self-help Guide To Changing Your Own Jewellery

This guide will help you insert your own jewellery into your piercing. Use this as your guide for any type of jewellery in any piercing.

If, after reading through this guide, you are still unsure, please visit Punktured in Gardner Street and the staff will be happy to help.

Getting started

We strongly recommend you don’t attempt to change your jewellery until at least four months after your piercing.

Wash your hands thoroughly first. If you have latex gloves, these offer a good grip. Clean the new jewellery with a saline solution or alcohol wipe. Allow to dry.

With a saline solution (available from Punktured shop), clean the piercing site and carefully remove the installed jewellery. From there, choose which type of jewellery you are inserting, and use this guide to help you.

Barbell/circular barbell

Unscrew either ball, insert the jewellery through the piercing to the desired position, clean the thread with saline solution, and screw the ball back on tightly. See below.

Jewelled bananabell

As above, but only unscrew the smaller of the two balls, and insert into the piercing.


The bead will come away from the ring.

To do so, grasp the bead tightly and pull it away from the ring in a hinge motion that pulls one dimpled side away first.

Place the jewellery into the piercing and insert the bead back into the ring. This is usually easier if you place one dimpled side onto the ring first, then push the bead into the ring until you hear the other dimpled side click into place.

Smooth segment ring

Similar to BCR (see overleaf), but instead there is a segment of the ring that is removed. Follow the BCR instructions but replace ‘bead’ with ‘segment’.

Hinged ring

A similar version of a segment ring, where one side of the segment is attached to the ring with a hinge. Simply pull the ring apart, pulling the non-hinged ring side of the segment away from the ring until it opens. To close it, push the ring and the hinged segment together again.

Septum/nipple clicker

As hinged/segment rings. Only the shape of the jewellery is different.

Nostril stud

Place the end of the stem into your nostril – up to the curve of the jewellery. Twist the jewellery into your nose, following the curve of the stud, lifting the stud away from your face slightly as you do so. Follow the motion around until the stud is in place.

It helps to place a finger on the inside of the nostril to feel when the stem goes through.

Remember – if, after reading through this guide, you are still unsure, please contact us or visit in person on Gardner Street, and the staff will be happy to help.

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