For more information or to make an appointment, call the piercing team on 01273 688144.

Please note: I.D. will be required if you appear or act under 18 years old. The only forms of I.D. accepted are passport, citizen card or driving licence.

Due to current legislation we are unable to offer female genital piercings. 


Piercing Type

Jewellery Types



Male genital piercing:

P.A. B.C.R. £45  
Ampallang Barbell £50  
Apadravya Barbell £50  
Frenum B.C.R. £45  
  Barbell £50  
Guiche B.C.R. £45  
Scrotum B.C.R. £45  
  Barbell £50  
Surface / shaft Barbell £50  

Large gauge ear piercing

4mm tube £30 £55
  5mm tube £33 £60
  6mm tube £35 £65

Surface anchors

Plain £40  
  Jewelled £45  

Dermal punching

4-8mm tube £60