Press Articles


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About Julie


Julie, Piercer

Punktured Body Piercing

I liked the look of piercing and started getting some of my own done.

My very first job was a waitress in a coffee shop while I was at college and then pub work before I discovered piercing as my chosen profession.

I thought it was some thing I'd like to do as a career and I trained as an apprentice at a studio in Brighton. The piercer taught and demonstrated his skills for quite a few months and then supervised me foe even longer until we were both confident I could be let loose on my own. 

I also did a lot of evening classes to get diplomas in anatomy, physiology, chemistry and biology before setting up on my own here on North Road four years ago. It was hard but enjoyable as as I learned things I hadn't realised I needed to do before I opened. It was exciting and also scary.

But it's been good; mostly smiles.

You don't have to have any diplomas, however, I wanted this knowledge for my own peace of mind.

I also work very closely with the Brighton and Hove City Council Environmental Health Department on hygiene and other related areas. 

The vast majority of clients are students and tourists, but we do get a lot of people who have reached a milestone age and go for that piercing they always wanted.